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Home Page

  • Contains this navigation map,  a basic statement about Permaculture and Info on the Founders of the Movement

About Us

  • Earth Mother History: Basic info on our organization.
  • The Team: Undeveloped.
  • The Village: Undeveloped.

Photo Journal

  • The Village 2018: Menu Header
  • The Village 1-2018 thru                   12-2018 Complete
  • The Village 2019: Menu Header
  • The Village 1-2019 thru 2-2019 Complete
  • The Village 3-2019 : Undeveloped

Resource Links

  • Open Source Info: Undeveloped


  • Intro to Permaculture: Menu Header
  • Intro to Permaculture, Week One: Has some content but is not complete. Please wait for all 4 weeks to load before you take this Course.  They are tied together with the discussion forum.  The forum is still under construction. The completion of the forum comments is required for the  Certification Badge and Award Certificate.  
  • People of Permaculture: Complete~Great  Resource for Research.
  • PDC Permaculture Design Certification:  Undeveloped

Clan of the DragonFly

  • Clan of the DragonFly Permaculture Guild: Undeveloped
  • The Community Garden Classroom: Undeveloped
  • Ayurveda Garden and Herb: Undeveloped

The Artisan Teaching Village

  • The Outpost Community Center:  Undeveloped
  •  United Veterans of America: Undeveloped
  • Operation Hope: Undeveloped
  • Grandmothers of the New Earth: Undeveloped
  • Mother Earth Village: Undeveloped
  • The Alliance Trade Coalition: Undeveloped
  • Dèjá Vu Vintage: Undeveloped
  • NeoRelics: Undeveloped 
  • Kathouse T's: Undeveloped
  • LEM Creations: Undeveloped
  • Denim Blues:  Undeveloped
  • Blue Vinyl Records: Undeveloped
  •  The Sign Machine: Undeveloped

The Press for Truth Media

  • LionHouse Seminar Group: Undeveloped
  • EMS Newsletter: Undeveloped
  • Portal Books: Undeveloped
  • The Portal Scroll: Undeveloped

Soul Story Music Productions

  • Soul Story and The Kindred: Undeveloped
  • The Usual Suspects: Undeveloped
  • Bear's Nest Enterprises: Undeveloped
  • Magpie Recording Studio: Undeveloped
  • Watchers of the Wood: Undeveloped
  • Return of the Watcher: Undeveloped

Earth Fest Convergence

  • History of Earth Fest: Undeveloped
  • Earth Fest 2018: Has some content loaded, Posters of Performing Artist and the Event Flyer.
  • Earth Fest 2019:  Has working copy of the new flyer for this years event.

FireLosophy Festival

  • Undeveloped

Contact Us:

  • Working links to our main email.
Earth Mother Studio Permaculture Research Institute  and Artisan Teaching Village                                                                             1106 South 8th                                         Lamesa, Texas 79331                             806-782-7862

Permaculture is an Ethically Based Whole-System Design Approach that Uses Concepts, Principles and Methods Derived from Eco-Systems, Indigenous Peoples and Time Tested Practices to Create Sustainable Human Settlements and Institutions.  Although Rooted in Horticulture and Agriculture,  Permaculture Design is Interdisciplinary,  Touching on a Wide Range of Subjects Including Regional Planning,  Ecology,  Animal Husbandry, Appropriate Technology,  Architecture and International Development.

A Short and Incomplete History of Permaculture

In 2007, Organic Gardener Magazine editor, Steve Payne, and Russ Grayson were approached by New Internationalist Magazine to write a Brief History of the Permaculture Design System, with a particular focus on its formative years.  An edited version of their article appeared in the magazine. The original article supplied to the New Internationalist has additional Information and is available Here.

The Co-Founders of Permaculture

Their First Book 

Permaculture One – a Perennial Agriculture for Human Settlements:  by Mollison and Holmgren.

David Holmgren

“Traditional agriculture was labor intensive, industrial agriculture is energy intensive, and permaculture-designed systems are information and design intensive.”                                                 H o l m g r e n  D e s i g n s